I could never express my gratitude for the privilege of time spent in Africa over the past several years. Specifically a small, remote village called Lietnhom, Sudan. I traveled there to help change their lives and, as you might expect, they changed mine. They showed me an earthly joy that I had never seen. I believe it is because their joy was directly connected to heaven. Their joy was not contingent on what they had or what might come, for chances are, they had little or nothing and they knew not if more would come. But there was joy. And it was a beautiful thing. My heart has been drawn to Africa since I was a child and it remained until I was fifty-one and was able to place my feet upon their soil. I will never forget it. I believe their soil worked its way into my blood – and my heart will stir until I am able to breathe their air again. To say it changed my life would be too small. To say it captured my heart would be the truth.

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