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20/20 in 2020.

That’s my wish.

The desire and ability to see clearly, that I might live more wisely.

To begin this decade with a clearer vision of who I am. Honestly. To see myself in reality rather than the photoshopped version. Hidden imperfections.

Imperfections are reality. My true self.


I want to see myself for what I am. A sinner saved by the grace of God.

Once lost. Now found.

Still a sinner stumbling through life. Yet flawless in the eyes of heaven.

Thank you Jesus.

Until I acknowledge the state of my depravity, I can never understand the degree to which I’ve been forgiven.

And if I don’t grasp the degree to which I’ve been forgiven, I can’t begin to comprehend the miraculous gift of grace.

To be astounded. Live in a perpetual state of awe. Consumed with gratitude.

When I look in the mirror with clear vision, I receive grace. I give grace.

Judge less. Love more. Others, as well as myself.

To see what we all have in common, rather than drive a wedge with the pounding of superiority.

To live more kindly.

Clearly, we need it.

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