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My studio.

It’s where I paint.

But so much more.

It’s where I read. think. pray. write. live.

That’s why the environment is so important to me. It influences the way I do all these things.

It’s a cabinet of curiosities.

It’s full of random elements. But there is nothing random about it.

Nothing landed here by accident.

It has been years of acquiring. gathering. collecting. receiving.

Everything about it reflects who I am. That’s why it affects the authenticity in which I paint and write.

The easel has supported more paintings than I know. It shows.

The chairs have been the place of more meaningful conversations than I can count. And they were life.

The desk has been the place where I’ve written more thoughts and prayers than I could ever
remember. But my journals record.

It’s where I start my day.

It’s where I end my day.

And honestly, it’s where I spend most of the minutes in between.

I’m not one for trends. I want to be influenced by what I like. Not what is “in”.

I’m not one to be “on the go” any more than necessary. I’m content where I am. I find nowhere I’d rather be.

Since most of you will never be in the space where I create, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of my little world.




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