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If I’ve learned anything over the last two years, it is this.

One of our greatest tools for living a life with less tension is the ability to adapt.

Not adapting in ways that infringe on beliefs or core values, but acknowledging and adapting to less desirable changes that come with life.

Life is full of situations we don’t like. Or certainly don’t wish for.




Even the consequences of poor choices.

The list could go on.

Accepting them doesn’t make me like them. It just puts me face to face with reality and requires me to decide what I’ll do with them.

Resisting them can be like sandpaper, but revealing something less attractive.






Unadaptable is rigid. And rigid can take a lot of strength and energy to maintain.
Its hard shell is often easily broken.

I’ve learned that adapting is easier. Kinder. Less stressful. Two things I greatly desire.

I think it makes a better life. For me. And for those around me.

And that’s my daily pursuit.


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