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I am branching out, literally.

I am opening my own gallery in the most unlikely of places – a barn. As you round the bend into the town of historic Leiper’s Fork, the first building to greet you is now one of two places where my original art can be viewed (the other being Atlanta). It is also the only place where the full line of products can be seen that are inspired by my work.

I feel like this is such an honest move. It is a part of who I am. While creating my art, I work hard to remain true to myself. It is literally an extension of me, it conveys what I believe to be true. My art is a part of my story and this barn is the next chapter of my story. Since I was a child, I have had a passion for barns – their beauty, the need they filled in the lives of families and the place where I could step into another world. It is only fitting as I pass the twenty year mark of making art that I should start showing my work in a place that says so much about who I am.

This is no ordinary barn. Plain and simple, yes. But it has been renovated in a way that pays tribute to its roots as it now plays a vital role in the part of a thriving community.

For years I have wanted to make viewing art more approachable, more friendly. A place where I would like to be. I now have an atmosphere that says “come in, make yourself at home and stay for a while”.

I love the fact that at 55 years old and after twenty years of painting, I feel like l’m just getting started.

Come join us

at the barn with warm fires, food and music as we celebrate the opening of my new gallery in Leiper’s Fork on October 22, from 6-9 p.m. There will be a new collection of artwork and I’ll be giving away an original painting (value of $2900). For location and directions, see the address and map below.

The Barn at Leiper’s Fork
4136 Old Hillsboro Road | Franklin TN 37064


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  1. Wish I could come Saturday, but did want to say how very much your paintings enriched the teaching and worship at the Amazing Grace PCA women’s conference in Atlanta this past weekend. Just as the moving music of Indelible Grace wove the gospel message into our hearts, so did the images of God’s love, mercy and providence that you set before our eyes. Thank you for using your artistic talent in Christ’s kingdom work. God bless you.

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