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I Have Seen

I have seen joy where great adversity dwells. I have seen wealth where poverty rules. I have seen courage where there is war and uncertainty. I have seen beauty where all is desolate and dry. I have seen hope where all seemed hopeless. I have seen these things because I have been blessed to know…

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Knowing my love for birds, I’m often asked, “what’s your favorite?”. My answer probably goes something like “there’s no way to pick one, that’s like choosing a favorite child”. But honestly, I must say there is one that ranks high on my list. The bobwhite quail. “Really?” you might ask. Yes. Enough so that I use it as a part of my packaging. It represents so much of who I am. Here’s why…
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Be Still And Know

Be still and know. That's a mighty tall order when there are still so many things to accomplish in such a short period of time. Decorating. Shopping. Wrapping. Cooking. And working overtime to pay for all these things. Unfortunately, the American Christmas is not
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Hope • 43x43

Mother’s Day

My wife loves being a mother. I've never heard her once wish that she could be away from her children. She embraced it wholeheartedly from the moment our first daughter was placed in her arms to this present moment where that same daughter is navigating her way as a sixteen year old.
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In God We Trust • blog post

An American Privilege

I voted this morning. And I've got to say that I felt ecstatic waiting in line, looking around at this diverse group of individuals who have shown up to give their opinion of who should lead this great country. And their opinion counts. Not only was I proud to cast my vote for the candidate of my choosing, but
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In God We Trust • blog post


It seems the older I get, the more passionate I am to pursue and absorb the history of this great country. I can attribute a great deal of this to the writings of David McCullough which have been like a front row seat to some of the events (both celebrated and unrenowned) that have shaped…

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God's Story

“God’s Story”

In 2007, Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee commissioned me to do a painting that would prove to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding pieces that I had done to that day. Due to its high visibility in that church, Scotty Smith's teachings and the prints that have gone all over the country,…

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Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day from the Barn. I pray that every flag we see will stir us inside to remember what a wonderful country it is that we live in. I pray we will be thankful for every blessing that is ours to enjoy. I pray we will never forget that all of this didn't come…

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I love the look of winter. Where I live it's very neutral, bare and, what some might call, dismal. I would rather refer to it as quietly beautiful. Even though we seldom see the extravagant beauty of a blanket of freshly fallen snow here in Tennessee, I am still comforted by the quiet elegance that…

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A friend of mine recently came to the barn for the first time. He's a professional photographer. Actually, his name is Paul Moore. I love how sensitive Paul's eye is to beauty. Sometimes where you least expect it. He finds beauty in what might appear mundane - especially in nature. He can uncover exquisite color…

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Fresh Start

Fresh Start

It's a new year. I always love that feeling. The tree is down. The ornaments are stored. The lights are unplugged for another year. Life seems calmer, cleaner and a bit less cluttered. It's a perfect time for a fresh start. A fresh start. Don't we all desire that? What lies behind us is littered…

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