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When I complete a painting, the final image is the culmination of many, many decisions that were made throughout the process. Color. Texture. Hard edges. Broken edges. More? Less? Palette knife? Brush? How to start. When to stop. On and on and on....... Each choice may seem small, but each choice affects the end result.…

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I'm all about the "experience". And for me, it's not about going, or doing. It's about being right where I am. Making the most of the moment. Right here. Right now. It's about touching each of the senses in a unique way. Every day. I have created that experience in my studio where I paint.…

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My Dad was a quiet man. Not quiet in an uncomfortable way. He just didn't use words frivolously. He used an amount we could listen to. No more. If he were alive today I would try to savor each one because I would know now that each one mattered. I learned after he died that…

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Coffee Table Book

Books are one of my greatest passions. They can be food for the soul. The touch, the smell, the experience of turning one page at a time. It is with great pleasure that I introduce my contribution to this world of books that I love so dearly. It is a book to look at. It is…

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To challenge myself is like putting a log on the fire. It ignites the imagination, even though at times it may be a slow process for the log to catch the spark, and with nurturing, become a flame. This is most evident in my daily pursuit of art. I never want to let myself rest in the comfort of what I…

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God's Story

“God’s Story”

In 2007, Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee commissioned me to do a painting that would prove to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding pieces that I had done to that day. Due to its high visibility in that church, Scotty Smith's teachings and the prints that have gone all over the country,…

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Free Desktop Wallpaper

As I have my cup of coffee this morning, I'm thinking about how nice it feels to offer something on my website for free. No purchase necessary. Simply free. Having been asked to use my artwork as desktop wallpaper for some time now, I'm glad to say we've adapted six paintings into high-quality images that…

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Story painting


I am sitting here with my cup of coffee this morning pondering a very large painting that I just completed. It is only the second time in all these years of being an artist that I have painted a piece this large - 4' x 8' - which is still the largest size I have…

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The Making of a Painting – Part 3

So the concept was complete and it was time to paint. With most paintings I do, I actually stage the composition (except for the birds) and I photograph it. That photograph is what I then paint from. But in this case, the painting was not something I could stage. In my mind, it was lots…

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David in the process of painting: concept and inspiration

The Making of a Painting – Part 2

Before I begin a painting, there must be inspiration. And from that inspiration, a concept is revealed. For me, the concept is the "soul" of my painting. Since paint has become my voice, the painting itself is "what I have to say". An artist's inspiration could be beauty alone – maybe that of creation –…

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