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The Garden

The garden. I believe there was great intentionality in choosing it as the location where man would make his entry into this world. The perfect place to start. He could have been placed anywhere. A mountaintop with views of creation at every turn. A beautiful home made of the finest materials. A mansion. Or even…

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I love the look of winter. Where I live it's very neutral, bare and, what some might call, dismal. I would rather refer to it as quietly beautiful. Even though we seldom see the extravagant beauty of a blanket of freshly fallen snow here in Tennessee, I am still comforted by the quiet elegance that…

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Blue Bluebird eggs in a nest


Each spring my youngest daughter and I await eagerly for the first signs of bluebirds to appear inside their houses. When we see them busily going to and fro, we start peaking inside to see the nests being intricately assembled piece by piece - and seeing what materials they use is half the fun. Once…

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Fresh Start

Christmas in Nashville. It was the first time in seventeen years that we have had a measurable snow on that day. It was magical. After all the noise and frantic activity of preparation for that day, all was finally quiet…and still. If there wasn't peace on earth, there certainly was in my heart - even…

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