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Life moves on at the same pace.

Day by day.

Year after year.

Even though, as I age, it seems to be gaining speed.

But the clocks, the calendars, continue at the same pace. As they have for thousands of years.

I can embrace each season for what it is, or wrestle with it, trying to hang on to that which will not remain.

Our children were young.

We cherished each moment.

But those moments didn’t remain. Our children grew.

Our oldest recently married. We gained our first son.

Things change.

But there’s joy in watching them become their own family, while remaining a vital part of ours.

I enjoy watching these changes while remembering fondly the days before.

Our youngest is becoming her own person, different from the child before her.

Things change.

I’ve gained the ability to see that this is good.

They are setting out to create a life as we did years ago.

That’s what we raised them to do.

Things change.

As they grow, our family comes together more as equals.

My wife and I just have more on our resume. And they will soon.

Embracing it is joy. Resisting is struggle.

I am content. Knowing that things change.

I remember.

I anticipate.

I decide to allow these two things to live together. Harmoniously.

As things change.

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  1. Well said. Our son is in college now, doing well. In raising children, the days are long but the years are short. As George Will once wrote, “Memories are roses in our winter.” Thanks for your reflections.

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