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When I complete a painting, the final image is the culmination of many, many decisions that were made throughout the process.



Hard edges.

Broken edges.



Palette knife?


How to start.

When to stop.

On and on and on…….

Each choice may seem small, but each choice affects the end result.

Even bad choices can take me down a path that can be redeemed into something beautiful. Something I could never have seen without the struggle. Actually, working through the struggle has led to many beautiful surprises.

Hopefully I gain new insight.

Then the struggle itself can be seen as beautiful because of the unforeseen place it might lead.

Most times I know a good choice from bad.

Sometimes I’m not sure.

Sometimes it is two good choices. One no better than the other. Just different.

But still I have to decide.

And I do.

The end result has just been affected.

I’m not one to let a bad choice or struggle cause me to stop. But I have considered it a number of times.

I make myself sit in it. Work through it. Even when I can’t see my way out.

So I make another choice. And another. Until the light breaks through and I see clearer than I did just moments before.

It can be a real struggle.

Sometimes exhausting.

I might even want to give up. Thinking it’s over.

But I don’t.

And I never regret it
For now I see the beauty that rose from what seemed to be the ashes of my struggle.

So I pick up another blank panel. Ready for my next piece to begin.

And I start making choices.


And again.

And again.

And it is good.

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