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Contentment. Regret. 

Can they coexist?

I believe they must.

I have often heard someone say, “I have no regrets”. I can’t imagine. 

Contentment, for me, is being at peace with. 

Regret, not so much. It stirs feelings of disappointment. Anxiety. Probably topped with a dose of shame.

Oil and water.

Regret can make contentment seem unachievable. Something I can’t undo. 

It’s a good thing for me to regret bad choices. But not a good thing to let regret paralyze. 

That’s where grace steps in.

By grace I am forgiven. And through that grace I can be content. At peace with. 

Grace offers mercy. Mercy brings peace. Peace makes space for contentment which allows me to own my regret and my regret not own me.

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