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I’m all about the “experience”.

And for me, it’s not about going, or doing. It’s about being right where I am. Making the most of the moment. Right here. Right now.

It’s about touching each of the senses in a unique way. Every day.

I have created that experience in my studio where I paint. One that makes me eager to step through the door, with coffee in hand, at 5 a.m. each morning.

I have created that experience (which I get to share) in my gallery. A respite. A place to breathe. A place to be encouraged. A place to be filled.

The sights. The sounds. The taste. The smell. But most of all, the “feel”.

Then came the challenge of creating a new website. One that would provide the closest thing possible to being in my studio or gallery. All this while staring at the  glass screen of a computer or phone.

Not an easy task.

But with the help of a mighty talented team, I think we came pretty darn close.

If there was only a way to have a “scratch ‘n sniff” screen that would release the “studio” scent as one peruses the site page by page. Maybe one day.

I hope you will take the time to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

And, as with any experience we create, I hope, in some small way, it brings you a ray of light in the darkness, a cup of water on a scorching day or a sense of hope when all seems lost.

Even if it just helps you take a deeper breath, it was all worthwhile.

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