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Christmas in Nashville. It was the first time in seventeen years that we have had a measurable snow on that day.

It was magical.

After all the noise and frantic activity of preparation for that day, all was finally quiet…and still. If there wasn’t peace on earth, there certainly was in my heart – even if only for a moment.

I built a fire in our backyard, and I’d eagerly take advantage of every opportunity to go outside and sit…and listen…to nothing…except for the crackling of the fire.

It was like this soft white blanket had been gently laid over us and the slate was clean…we had been given a fresh start. Even though the sky was gray, everything seemed clearer. At least in my mind anyway.

Isn’t that what we all want as we enter into a new year? A fresh start? To wipe away the pain, the hurts and the mistakes that are behind us and make new footprints in a world as pure as new fallen snow?

I know we won’t experience that walk on this earth, but those fleeting moments help rest my mind on things above.

May your year be filled with these moments – whatever they are, wherever they are – that stop you in your tracks, quiet your heart, still your mind and remind you that it’s gonna be o.k..

And one day all things really will be made new.

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