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We, as humans, were created equal.

We were made to live side by side. Never one above the other. Coexisting on this journey called life.

I live by faith which believes that Jesus died for every human. Freeing them equally. Never considering one of more value than the other. It is the scarlet thread that binds us together. We are brothers and sisters of the human race.

It seems way too normal that we look at each other in color blocks. Each to its own. “Us” and “Them.”

But I find it so inspiring to see how beautiful it is in this painting with all of the colors together. Among each other. Side by side. Equal.

At one time I might have wished that we could all live color blind. Hoping that would allow us to see the other equally.

But I no longer wish for that. I now hope there will be a day when we see the color and celebrate its beauty.

Color does not dictate the capacity for good or evil. We were all given that choice. Equally.

Love and kindness does not find their places to dwell based on the shades of skin. They look for open hearts. Of any color.

I can only hope that this painting could play some small role in someone finally seeing the beauty in us all together. Traveling this short journey side by side. Hand in hand.

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