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It seems the older I get, the more passionate I am to pursue and absorb the history of this great country. I can attribute a great deal of this to the writings of David McCullough which have been like a front row seat to some of the events (both celebrated and unrenowned) that have shaped the United States of America. All it took was picking up his captivating book “1776“.

And then there are the fictional writings such as that of Wendell Berry which let me catch simple, poignant glimpses of this country at another point in time while affecting me in the way I live my life today.

We all play a great role in history. As McCullough states in “Brave Companions“, “the little-known events of a given time, and people who are not in the headlines, can be what matter most in the long run. And the long run is the measure of history”.

We must look at the past and learn, but not remain there. We need to use its triumphs and failures to inform us as we live our lives in 2012. We all live in the present with the benefit of learning from the past. McCullough also says “the past after all is only another name for someone else’s present”.

May we live today knowing that one day it will be looked upon as “the past”. And may the knowledge that our ancestors garner from our time here help guide them to a better “present” in which they may live.

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  1. Thanks, David for your comments. I, too, appreciate the contributions made by great men and great writers of American history. I think, maybe, we should become a little less “diversified” and a lot more aware and proud of our own heritage!

  2. David, the high light of this 4th of July for me was having the opportunity to meet you personally and visit the Barn. God Bless you and your talent with which you give God the glory.
    Ramona Hopson

  3. Beautifully said about one day our lives will be looked upon as “the past”. There is so much beauty and so little time to see it all. Thank you for your insight about life and how in the end all that ever mattered was how we lived and loved.

  4. David,
    One of my dearest friends, Linda Hawkersmith, is the mother-in-law of your nephew Jeff. I suddenly had an urge to visit your website today and asked Linda for it, and am so glad I did. Just spending quite a while looking at the beauty of your work and listening to the beaurty of the accompanying music you so thoughtfully provided has lifted my spirits. God not only has given you a wonderful talent, but apparently has blessed you with the ability to reach people with your words also. May He continue to inspire you.
    Nancy O’Callaghan

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