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Each of us has a tool in our possession that could play a major role in calming anxiety, easing stress and healing wounds. In others as well as ourselves.

Some seem to have a greater supply than others, but I believe it’s available to us all. At any time.

Whether we choose to use it or not is simply up to us. Maybe it’s simpler for some than for others.


It’s that simple.

Kindness immediately lightens the load. For both the giver and receiver.

Among the disagreements and bombardment of opinions, it feeds my soul to see some rise up and show the best of mankind.

Kindness is like medicine. A diffuser. A balm.

I have been humbled by the kindnesses shown to us as we navigate this time with the gallery closed. Emails, messages, orders online. All of these keep us going. Literally and figuratively.

It’s in our power. It’s available to us all. At any time.

Even though we are distancing, I feel we are all closer than before.

May we all make a difference. One kindness at a time.

And when we are through this, I pray we will see that it was kindness that healed us.

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