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We spend a lifetime learning.

From books. From experience. From mistakes.

From the wisdom of those steps, or miles, ahead of us.

It’s a journey. A winding path.

And I picture each of us having a ledger where we log entries under the column, “things I have learned”.

Mine would be leather bound, oversized, with timeworn pages.

A place for new entries. A place to reflect.

Then I pray for that knowledge to lead to wisdom.

For knowledge without wisdom, is simply that. Knowledge.

So I am in a season of perusing the volumes I have acquired.

Flipping through the pages of my mental ledger from time to time, reflecting on any nuggets of wisdom I might have gained.

I would hope to look fondly on the accumulation of knowledge I might have acquired. But I think any wisdom I have obtained leads me to the humbling awareness that…….the older I get, the less I know.

I’m not referring to the loss of knowledge, but in the scheme of things, I know so little.

This is not discouraging. But humbling.

It keeps me from getting a bit “too full of myself”.

It keeps me hungry to learn.

From books. From life. From the Book of Life.

There is more excitement in seeking knowledge, than thinking I have arrived. Or would ever arrive.

I like having a destination to work toward. But one bit of wisdom I have acquired is the fact that there is no destination. But a pursuit. A journey.

I want to rest in that.

Knowing that this journey will one day, could be any day, lead me to the destination where all wisdom will be revealed.

Until then, I want to walk humbly.


Look forward.

And learn.

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