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To challenge myself is like putting a log on the fire. It ignites the imagination, even though at times it may be a slow process for the log to catch the spark, and with nurturing, become a flame.

This is most evident in my daily pursuit of art. I never want to let myself rest in the comfort of what I know and not be reaching for the challenge of what I’ve not seen or what I can learn.

With my newest body of work there was a spark. I nurtured it until it became a flame. And soon there was a fire that provided both warmth and light.

Light was my pursuit.

For years I have been intrigued and mesmerized by the power of light.

First I love the fact that darkness cannot extinguish light.

The end.


It still astounds me.

It is also my hope and the foundation of my faith. There is power in seeing the contrast of the two. You quickly realize that light is where life is.

Second is the fact that light transforms. This can sometimes be more difficult to see. We must be aware to notice. Once the light penetrates the surface, it transforms what it touches into something new. Under this influence it can become known for the light it embodies more than itself. It is transformed – a new being under the power of light.

Once light penetrates the darkness, nothing is the same.

Light always allows one to see more clearly and, I believe, more creatively. Once I see clearer, then I can see abstractly. It always makes me see things in a way that I did not see before.

So in this body of work I have taken one subject at a time and observed it’s transformation under the power of light. Through this observation I am drawn closer to the light.

And in the light, after all, is where there is life.

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