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We had our first snowfall of the season in Nashville this past Sunday. That’s early for us. It was beautiful – one of my favorite kind of days.

From my studio window I looked up and the sun was illuminating this icicle hanging from the eave – a beautiful little sculpture that was formed for the day.

I stood in wonder – the wonder of God’s creation that we get to live in. The wonder of beautiful miracles that surround us everyday.

I think I have always looked for wonder in the “magnanimous” things in life – like the Grand Canyon or man’s first step on the moon.

But at this point in life, I believe that real wonder might just lie in the “quieter” things.

A hug from a child.

A blossom opening up to the warmth of the sun.

A heartbeat.

A baby in a manger.

It’s a busy time and life is full of stress, but I pray you are able to stop, be still and look up, so that you may experience every ounce of wonder this season has to bring.

Merry Christmas –


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