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The Story
For years, David's wife has made cotton ribbon to use
in every way imaginable.

What started as a beautiful way to tie up gifts, soon became a beautiful way to create garlands, enclose cards and invitations, tie up their daughters’ hair, fill chandeliers.

Then it became a unique way to decorate

holidays, nurseries, weddings and more.

There was always the
attraction to cotton.

It’s earthiness. It’s timelessness. It’s easy, casual way that can be dressed up when the occasion calls for it. It is beautiful to think that the cotton plant makes its way from field to fabric. So when using cotton fabric, there is a connection to the earth.

Michelle’s grandfather’s cotton gin (circa 1940s)

Michelle’s home studio

She has a great
love and appreciation

for the subtle, nuanced colors that come from using natural dyes and experiments continually, working to discover the next new shade. So it was only natural that we were being asked to make the ribbon available for purchase.

The Process

Our seamless hand dyed cotton ribbons are blends of all natural ingredients. Every step of our ribbon process is by hand—from dyeing, to washing, to tearing into ribbon widths, fraying and then spooling. It is all done in house by our family. All of our ribbon is 100% cotton and contains no synthetic dyes or preservatives.

Variations in color and dyeing are part of the appeal when using natural dyes and cotton, so no two spools are exactly the same. Each batch of a color is only available until that particular lot sells out. Available in one-inch and two-inch widths.

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will be shipped on Thursday, February 29th.

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