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Morning. My favorite part of the day. 




Before rising, I begin with gratitude. For life. For opportunities the day will provide.

I fill my thermos with coffee and retreat to my studio. 

With mind and body rested, before I’m invaded by the world outside these walls, I have time alone. To think. To read. To pray.

I prefer it to begin in the dark when I can see the day unfold before me. 

I sit with my thoughts. 

I acknowledge my successes and failures to see what I can learn from them. Good choices and bad. I give thanks. I ask for forgiveness.

I listen.

The birds remind me it’s a new day. A time to receive grace. And to give the same grace that I received.

These moments carry me through the day.

Without them I am disoriented. A bit lost.

I’ve learned that “how I start” affects “how I end”.

Choices made throughout the day are influenced by the choices I made that morning.

Morning prepares me for what is ahead.

It won’t be perfect, and that’s ok.

I will give thanks. I will ask for forgiveness.

And if I’m given another morning, I will find refuge in my favorite part of the day.


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