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This may not look like much, but it is one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever. My wife gave it to me several years ago. Who would think I could receive so much joy and peace from such a simple, “not necessarily attractive”, object?

This speaker sits on the windowsill in my studio and there is a small cord with a microphone that attaches to a birdfeeder outside my window. So all day long it sounds as though the birds are in the studio. It’s beautiful! You can hear the dialogue of the wren and chickadee and also the titmouse cracking open the shell of the safflower seed on the side of the feeder. It’s better than any music in my iTunes library.

Simply put, it’s magic.

I must say that it’s quite fun to watch the curious faces of guests who don’t know the speaker is there.

So if you are a bird/nature lover, I highly recommend one of these monitors. It will bring more joy for much longer than mosts gifts you will give or receive.

For more info, visit Nature’s Window.

(The one shown in my window is a discontinued model. I think I need the new and improved!!!)

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