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I don’t often look back on my artwork from the past. I’m a “move forward” kind of guy.

Push. Push. Push.

And that’s a good thing as far as “productivity” is concerned.

But it doesn’t remind me to use those nougats of creativity that I learned years ago just from the process of painting.

My work has certainly evolved over the past thirty years and I realize that I have forgone many styles and techniques that I loved doing so well in the pursuit of perfecting this craft.

And I will always stretch to be a better painter.

I also rarely allow myself time to experiment. To play.

Not a good thing.

Recently I decided to reach back to processes that I loved and combine them with what I know today. How fun that has been.

I did a painting that is now in our house that I will probably never see as complete. I have given myself the freedom to paint on it any time I want. It’s already been through three iterations. Each one a different painting. Yet familiar.

So I decided to do a painting for the gallery based on what I’ve learned about marrying the parts I loved from the past with who I am as a painter today. The painting above is the outcome.

It will not be to everyone’s liking. And it doesn’t need to be. That’s okay.

It doesn’t mean I am changing my style. There will be plenty more that you are familiar with.

I believe every painting I have done has, in some way, affected every painting I do today, and will do tomorrow.

Painting abstracted images make me a better painter of realism. Painting realism teaches me how to abstract.

When I feel stuck, or complacent, it’s usually when I’m not pursuing these things. A rut.

But when I allow myself these excursions, I find a renewed love for what I do.

Because I’m learning.

And learning is life.


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