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Knowing my love for birds, I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite?”.

My answer probably goes something like “There’s no way to pick one, that’s like choosing a favorite child”.

But honestly, I must say there is one that ranks high on my list.

The bobwhite quail.

“Really?” you might ask.

Yes. Enough so that I use it as a part of my packaging. It represents so much of who I am.

Here’s why –

First, I personally regard it as one of the prettiest birds I know. The detail is exquisite. It’s small and subtle in color. There is nothing flashy about this bird. It’s content living “behind the scenes” in grasses, not perched on a limb for everyone to see. For the most part, it minds its own business. And out of its quietness comes the most beautiful of sounds. A nostalgic call that beckons peace and tranquility.

Second, my father raised bird dogs and we spent many an hour training these dogs to point quail. Flushing a covey was a sight to behold. The bobwhite was one of his favorite birds. He died over thirty years ago so when I paint this bird, I think of him. It’s a part of our story.

Third, the bobwhite is a reminder to me of the things that can change in life without us realizing it until the dreadful moment that they are gone, or almost gone. The bobwhite was a comforting sound in my daily life when I was growing up and the sight of the mom followed by her scurrying chicks made my heart race without fail. But I realize that due to numerous circumstances, the sound is gone where I live. It was a slow change that I didn’t see coming. Like many things in life. The thought or image of this bird now reminds me that things WILL change. Cherish the good moments that you know will pass. But also protect those that don’t have to disappear but circumstances could easily take them away.

I love doing things with purpose.

I want there to be a reason for the choices I make.

I want all the small parts to tell my bigger story.

So when you see this bobwhite quail while browsing my website or visiting my gallery, let it be a subtle reminder to savor the things that mean something special to you but you might take for granted. After all, these are the things that make up
your story.

And one day they might be gone.


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