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As I start the day, I think about what others saw in me the day before.

And I wonder…

Was there kindness that was a balm for their weary soul?

Did I encourage in a way that helped them truly believe it was possible to put one foot in front of the other?

Take the next step.

Did they see a man living out his faith in a way that made it irresistible?

Did they sense an opportunity to speak, knowing I would truly listen? (and, if so, did I listen without judgement?)

Was it more important to listen to their thoughts than to state my own?

I hope, at end the day, there would be more checks by the “YES” box than the “NO”.

But it’s in my hands. These are my choices to make.

It requires putting others before myself.

Resisting my natural instincts.


I pray that if I see tomorrow, I will look back on today and be at peace knowing that others saw in me –

– eyes that looked with great compassion
– ears that listened and actually heard
– a mind that was present and thoughtful
– a heart that loved well
– a man who lived by his faith

In the meantime, I will start with what’s right in front of me.


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