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Happy Memorial Day from the Barn. I pray that every flag we see will stir us inside to remember what a wonderful country it is that we live in. I pray we will be thankful for every blessing that is ours to enjoy. I pray we will never forget that all of this didn’t come without a cost and we will be humbled with gratitude for those who have paid the ultimate price in giving their lives for us to know this freedom, to every person whose life has been affected by these losses and to every person today who is still laying their life on the line that this freedom might be protected. My hat is also off to every family member who sacrifices daily so that their husband, wife, parent or child might lay their life on the line daily for the love of the good old USA. May our words and our energy be used to build up this country and uphold all that is good and not to tear down and chip away at its foundation.

God bless America!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to remember those who are serving in our military and those who have served. There is a mission under way by an organization called “no greater love” at for folks to stop what they are doing and say a prayer at 3 p.m. today to honor those who have died for our nation. Yes, God bless America and all who have fought for our freedoms. Wonderful day!

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