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The garden has always been a place of peace for me. A sanctuary.

A place where I feel closest to my Creator as I work hand in hand with His creation.

It is a place where I learn. Not just about gardening, but about life.

This year I decided to reduce my garden to a size and location that is more manageable. A place to reduce stress. Not create it.

A garden that fits into my life instead of me trying to fit my life into it.

With the garden center being my favorite playground, I now look simply for plants I love. And not overthink it. That alone is a stretch for me since overthinking is what I do best.

The only restrictions I apply to my purchases are that they can live in the conditions I will be placing them and that they grow to a size that my garden can manage.

Then I create my composition. Color. Form. Texture. Just like painting.

The end result is not a garden that follows the rules, but a garden that brings joy.

Which makes it a place of peace.


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