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John • 31x31


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It is often those with the least, who give the most.

Giving is not just about wealth or earthly possessions.

It can even be joy, hope, or time.

Some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received have been from those who, “In the world’s eyes”, had nothing to give.

This painting is of John. He is one of those people. I met him years ago in a remote village in South Sudan.

He had so little. The clothes on his back. Enough food to get by.

But every day I was there he enthusiastically brought me such marvelous gifts. Joy. Comfort. Friendship. Tied up in a package chosen just for me.

I traveled thousand of miles to “give” only to find that it was I who would “receive”.

This painting is a reminder that we all have something to give.

We all have the opportunity to bless.

And the more we bless, the more we are blessed.


Acrylic on wood.


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