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“The Best Day of My Life” Notecards


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  • 5″ x 7″ notecards.
  • Text on back. Blank inside.
  • 1 Pack = 8 Notecards, 9 envelopes

A handwritten note is still one of the greatest gifts I can receive. No email or text can ever replace the personal touch that comes from the hand, the paper, the pen.

FRONT: Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. My eyes saw things I had never seen before and my ears heard sounds I had never heard. I saw gardens so perfect that nothing was wilted or dead, and every bloom was glorious. I saw colors that did not exist on earth. Everything was bright. Everyone was finally happy and content. We were never hungry. The homes were draped with sheer white fabric and the furniture was made of clouds. I heard hundreds of thousands of angels singing praises to God. I saw Jesus going through the crowd hugging everyone. God sat on a gold and red throne where we could go hug him and ask him questions. It will be the best day of my life.”   Back of card: When my oldest daughter was in third grade, she was given an assignment during creative writing class to write about heaven. The teacher provided the first line but she was to create the rest. How refreshing it is to see something so beautiful through the eyes of a child. So innocent. So pure. The paper you see is in her handwriting which l then painted, but the image of heaven is completely hers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Renee Micklos
Best day of my life

I live this card and the story written on the back. I gave my last one away in January and had to order more to have them available. I ordered a few si flea of other cards as well. They are all beautifull and like all of your cards, hard to part with. Thank you for all you do. Simply gorgeous.♥️

Jayna Maxwell
Perfect card!

I keep a supply of these cards at all times. Every time I send one, I hear back from the recipient about how meaningful and beautiful this card is!

Cindy K.
Perfect card!

I received this card from a friend upon the recent death of my mother-in-law. It is honestly one of the most beautiful cards I have ever received! I immediately placed an order so that I can share this gorgeous piece of art/message with others. I have already sent three to friends who are experiencing the death of a loved one. I hope it moves each of them as much as it moved me!

Karen Parr
Best day of my life cards

I love these unique cards which are impactful particularly because they were written by a child.

Ramona Hopson
Amazing grace and the best dwy

David, I love sending your cards. I always get comments when I send your cards. I think the written card is a lost art and that is sad. I had one lady tell me it was the first and only card she had received in her life. That is also sad. Your sweet wife delivered to my home, Personally, a large selection of your cards as a birthday gift from my children. My group from church also gave me a David Arms gift card as well as your beautiful coffee table book. Our sweet daughter in law bought us the best day of your life wrap after our sweet son died. We treasure that gift. Before our son Died he bought and had matted and framed the amazing grace. We, my husband and I bought the IGBOK poster and had it matted and framed. Our daughter in atlanta found your be still and know oil in a show in atlanta and so all our art work in our den and dinning room is David Arms work. Thank you for who you are and who you always represent. You use your God given talent to bless so many. Blessings



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