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That feeling when something far exceeds anything one could ever hope or imagine.

More beautiful.

More perfect.

A gift.

That gift, for me, came recently in the form of a baby girl. My first grandchild.

There was never a doubt that I would be smitten, but as my family would attest, I am far beyond.

That tiny human has no idea the impact that her entrance into our world has made. It will never be the same. 

New life, at this stage in my life, is sweet. I just never knew how sweet.

We will read books, play in the garden, put our hands in paint, dig for worms.

I will see this grand world through the eyes of a child again.

It’s beautiful to see that one’s heart has the capacity to expand again, one more time.

I pray for her. 

I hope for her. 

I would die for her.

And most of all, I thank God for her.

Welcome to the wonder Charlotte Rose!

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