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My Dad died when I was 26. I have already lived more days than him.

There were many questions still to be asked. So much I wanted to learn.

He was smart. But it was quiet and unassuming, so I took it for granted.

My wife and children never had to privilege of knowing him. They know him through me.

The more questions they ask, the more I realize how much I did learn. Especially since I learn better from actions than I do from words.

Here are a few takeaways that so influence my life today, years after his passing –

  • be kind
  • quietness can be a strength
  • never draw attention to yourself
  • help quietly
  • give quietly
  • the best sermon you can ever preach is in the way you treat others
  • show respect
  • love nature
  • work with your hands and you will be satisfied
  • laugh
  • work is a vital part of our being – don’t avoid it or try to get out of it. Embrace it as a gift and opportunity. Be thankful for it
  • whatever you do, do it to the best of YOUR abilities, not someone else’s
  • work hard. It is fulfilling
  • I will make mistakes. And that’s ok. Learn from them
  • I will make bad choices. And that’s ok. Learn from them
  • but best of all, he showed me a life of faith

The list could go on. But this is enough to make me realize how much he still influences my life today.

And how much I miss him.

What do I want my family to see in me?

Much of what I saw in him.

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