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I love the look of winter.

Where I live it’s very neutral, bare and, what some might call, dismal.

I would rather refer to it as quietly beautiful.

Even though we seldom see the extravagant beauty of a blanket of freshly fallen snow here in Tennessee, I am still comforted by the quiet elegance that winter holds.

It’s the season that is simple and subtle. Not much show.

There is something a bit vulnerable and honest.

It’s a contemplative season.

All is at rest. And while it is resting, we are able to see inside to what’s normally covered with the abundance of growth and activity.

The incredible handiwork of God is further revealed.

Just like no two types of trees grow the same leaves, no two types of trees grow their branches in the same formation.

And when the trees are bear, the intricacy of these patterns is beautifully displayed against the grey skies of winter.


I don’t tend to add color in my yard December through February – I just let the season be what it is meant to be. And then I discover its beauty.

I wonder if we were forced to be quiet and still, shed the distraction of our busyness, what others might see.

Just maybe…

To our surprise…

It might be something beautiful.

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  1. I like the bare trees stretching their faithful arms toward heaven too. Thank you, David, for the reminder that Tennessee winters are beautiful.

  2. I especially liked the last part of your post…I wonder what others would see if they were still & quiet…..I wonder what they would hear? The voice of God?

  3. When I have praise music on in the car (in winter especially) I often think the trees are lifting there hands to Jesus and praising him all the time. 🙂 Just like I need to do.

  4. Such a timely reminder. I was meditating with a group of like-minded new friends yesterday. 20 minutes of silence, in one accord and let me tell you – it was truly beautiful. In fact, gorgeous. A full palette of emotional depth and divine energy…wow.

  5. David, so enjoyed your comments about winter and I agree. I also love how the bare branches reveal the precious bird nests nestled in the trees. What an amazing artist our God is…

  6. Thank for the reminder to look at this time of the year as peace and rest of nature. Even the little creatures are at rest. I live in Michigan and get all upset about winter,though this year so far our winter is mild.Your comment has changed my perspective to see the beauty and rid the anger. Thank you!

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