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“Many symbols I use have been used throughout art history, but a number of them l use because they ‘make visual’ the world as l see it.” – David Arms

Eggs – “For years I have used the egg in my paintings, reminding us of hope and renewal.”

Nests – “When I use nests, they most often contain three eggs representing the Trinity. I see the nest as our home in heaven where the Trinity resides. Many times I also want the nest to suggest the crown of thorns.”

Birds – “I see birds as ‘us/everyman.’ We live our lives busy doing many of the same things – we build our homes, we have our young, we provide for our young, we do everything to protect this home and the family in it. It should be our place to feel safe and protected.”

Hummingbirds – “The hummingbird goes a step beyond – they are perpetual motion. I remember when I first saw a hummingbird still. It was startling. As it can be for us – it can be startling for us to be still. Yet we must.”

Fruit – “These represent the fruit of the Spirit, the very life of God within us. The Spirit of God lives in us and He manifests Himself in a variety of character traits and actions the Scripture calls ‘fruit.'”

Vessels – “Both empty and full, vessels also represent us. We come empty and fragile needing to be filled. It is when we are filled with the fruit of the Spirit that we are able to fulfill our purpose. The fruit is not meant to remain contained – it is to pour forth. There is a never-ending supply.”

Floating Lids – “Floating lids portray the hand of God. Only He can lift this lid allowing the fruit that He supplied to overflow.”

White Linen/White Elements – “White linens and white elements usually show purity and often relate to the concept of forgiveness.”

Numbers – “The numbers one, three and seven show up a lot in many different ways. One and three represent the Trinity, and seven is the number of perfection which I use to represent God (perfect) and forgiven (when we are seen as perfect).”

Perches – “The bird perches that suspend from the heavens show trust. It is in His hands, He will not desert us and we must have faith. The strange elements I use and the combinations of these elements represent that faith because in our eyes, faith doesn’t always make sense – but we know it to be true. That’s faith.”


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