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Fear Not • 23×77


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When fear, anxiety and stress close in, our gaze can easily fix on the things of earth.
Smothering. Dark. Overwhelming.

The feeling can be that of hopelessness.

But we stumble on.

Bodies malfunction. Minds short-circuit. Emotions flare.

But we stumble on.

And on.

And on.

It’s not until we begin to lift our eyes that hope can been seen, or felt, in this darkness.
We catch a glimpse of light.

And the more we lift our eyes, the more we realize that the ray of light is actually a hand –
reaching to take hold of ours, and gently lead through the fog and the clouds.

It is important to know that this painting began as a field of white. The complete presence of
light. Hope.

But sin takes hold. Darkness creeps in.

The light remains, but we allow one cloud at a time to settle in until we question its presence.

That’s the lie.

Fixing our eyes on the light doesn’t necessarily remove the trouble, but it changes the

It leads us to rest in the hope that was, and is, and always will be.

And because of this, we can live without fear.


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