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I can’t imagine life without creativity. It’s like food that nourishes, fuel that ignites, water that refreshes. For me, creativity is communion with God. The Creator of creativity. Creative acts can be holy endeavors. I not only enjoy it in my own creative pursuits, but I’m inspired by the creativity of others. We are all…

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Being A Dad

Dad. I dreamed that one day tiny tots would pull on my pant leg, waiting to be picked up, calling me by that name. And they did. Two beautiful girls. Prettier than any I'd ever seen. And they still are. There have been many dolls. Many beaches. Many bowls of popcorn. Much dancing in the…

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To “look”, I engage my eyes. To “see”, I ask my eyes to join hands with my heart, mind and soul. I have the gift of vision which gives me the ability to “look”. But, unfortunately, I don’t always “see”. Certainly pleasure can be obtained from looking. But seeing turns that pleasure into an experience,…

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