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To “look”, I engage my eyes.

To “see”, I ask my eyes to join hands with my heart, mind and soul.

I have the gift of vision which gives me the ability to “look”.

But, unfortunately, I don’t always “see”.

Certainly pleasure can be obtained from looking. But seeing turns that pleasure into an experience, often making clear the presence of the Divine.

“Looking” sees a rock as grey.

“Seeing” observes in that rock the unexpected painter’s palette of lavenders, blues, golds and greens.

“Looking” sees a bare tree on a winter’s day, standing lonely. Quietly waiting for its beauty to return with the first sign of spring.

“Seeing” realizes that beauty remains in each tree’s unique, intricately designed architecture, silhouetted starkly against a mottled grey sky.

Seeing might take a moment. To be present. To be aware.

And that’s where the problem often lies for me.

Life is busy. In that busyness I forget. So I look. But do not see.

When I “see”, I’m more likely to live in a state of awe and gratitude.

I’m aware of the magnificent world just outside my door. Full of wonder. A miracle at every turn.

I recall the many reasons I married my wife.

I see a human, a being, inside the ragged clothes, at the corner, holding a cardboard sign.

I am less likely to focus so greatly on myself.

Which opens my eyes. Makes me aware.

Then I can turn my eyes to a whole new world that awaits me in this very spot I have been for many years.

If I just breathe.

Then look.

Then see.


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