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I want to end well. This has been a prayer of mine for years.

My days are numbered. I just don’t know the number.

But when that number comes up I want those around me to see that my faith was real. I really did trust in the hands I could not see. I knew that grace was handing me a one-way ticket home. A ticket I didn’t earn or deserve. To the home where all is right. And good.

My Mother-in-law recently passed from this earth. Her faith through the years of battling cancer, and during her last days, was inspiring to me. 

She had no fear. She trusted.

She lived what she believed. She never wavered. 

In her weakness, she was strong.

She knew her days were drawing to a close – she was ready to go. At peace.

With great anticipation, she was eager to see Jesus.

A gift.

Conversations we had in the last year of her life were highlights of our 38+ years of friendship.

A gift.

Could it be that our last days are more impactful than all the previous ones combined?

I believe so. I hope so.

May I live each day like it’s my last.

May I live my last like it’s not the end.

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  1. Beautiful words and inspirational. My maternal grandparents lived with us when I was growing up. My Grandmother and Grandfather both prayed every night and morning and throughout the day. When my Grandfather passed my Grandmother missed him terribly. She prayed for a peaceful death. About six months after he died, she slept away in her sleep one night. I was 16 and found her in her bed with a peaceful look upon her face. She had no suffering and was granted her wish. I’m 76 years young, this has stayed with me for all these years as I continue to pray for that peaceful reunion with the Father, and all those who have gone before me. Best wishes on your move!

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