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A plan is just that. A plan.

But for me, a necessary place to start.

It keeps me from rambling. Wandering. Heading out aimlessly.

Maybe it would best be called “direction”. Direction sounds less rigid.

Room for change or adaptation.

Shifting with inspiration.

Often my plans lead to productivity. Accomplishments. That’s a good thing.

But could it be that openness to wandering might also lead to productivity? Possibly unexpected, rewarding results?

Actually this writing is case in point. A diversion from my plan. It wasn’t in my queue.

But I followed the thought. The idea. The possibility.

I wandered into it. Though not aimlessly.

And here I am.

Somewhere unintended. But I like it.

The shift became a gift.

Spontaneity is not my strong suit. Following a plan is.

I will always have a plan. A direction. It’s who I am.

So I step into this day with just that. A plan. Goals to be accomplished.

But I want to be open to the delight of detour.

A wandering.


For I have come to believe that these diversions keep a thrill in the ride and
often lead to more than I imagined. They stretch my creativity to new realms.

Spontaneity can’t be planned. But I can foster a mindset that allows me to embrace. Not resist.

And that’s a good plan.

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