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My Dad was a quiet man.

Not quiet in an uncomfortable way. He just didn’t use words frivolously.

He used an amount we could listen to. No more.

If he were alive today I would try to savor each one because I would know now that each one mattered.

I learned after he died that his actions superseded his words.

His kindness was understated.

His good deeds he kept under the radar.

Now that I am the age he was when he died, I realize the importance of these things to me. It shows that my life can have impact long after I leave this earth.

And since I don’t know the day I’ll be leaving, my words and my days should matter. I should use and give them wisely. They should be gifts that matter long after I’m gone.

“Live quietly, mind your own affairs, and work with your hands.” – 1 Thessalonians 4:11

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