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My Dad died when I was 26. I have already lived more days than him. There were many questions still to be asked. So much I wanted to learn. He was smart. But it was quiet and unassuming, so I took it for granted. My wife and children never had to privilege of knowing him.…

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Contentment. Regret. 

Contentment. Regret.  Can they coexist? I believe they must. I have often heard someone say, “I have no regrets”. I can’t imagine.  Contentment, for me, is being at peace with.  Regret, not so much. It stirs feelings of disappointment. Anxiety. Probably topped with a dose of shame. Oil and water. Regret can make contentment seem…

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Morning. My favorite part of the day.  Quiet. Still. Hopeful. Before rising, I begin with gratitude. For life. For opportunities the day will provide. I fill my thermos with coffee and retreat to my studio.  With mind and body rested, before I’m invaded by the world outside these walls, I have time alone. To think.…

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The garden has always been a place of peace for me. A sanctuary. A place where I feel closest to my Creator as I work hand in hand with His creation. It is a place where I learn. Not just about gardening, but about life. This year I decided to reduce my garden to a…

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The Dash

The dash. Such a small, simple mark. Representing a lifetime. Mine began on October 17, 1956 and God only knows when it will end. In many ways it seems appropriate that an entire life is represented by such a small mark. To me it shows that no matter the length of the life, in light…

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Second Impression

It is often said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. There is truth to that. But limiting. I am learning to give people a chance to prove my “first impression” wrong. I would love the same grace extended to me. Many times in my life, on first impression, I’ve been…

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I don’t often look back on my artwork from the past. I’m a “move forward” kind of guy. Push. Push. Push. And that’s a good thing as far as “productivity” is concerned. But it doesn’t remind me to use those nougats of creativity that I learned years ago just from the process of painting. My…

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If I’ve learned anything over the last two years, it is this. One of our greatest tools for living a life with less tension is the ability to adapt. Not adapting in ways that infringe on beliefs or core values, but acknowledging and adapting to less desirable changes that come with life. Life is full…

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We don’t have these days in Nashville very often. But when we do, I’m smitten. This one came fast. Every flake counted. The world stood still. Even if for a moment. The chaos was quietened. Even if for a moment. There was the hope that all could be well with the world. Even if for…

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A Wretch Like Me

Can you hear something so many times, say something so many times, think something some many times, that its meaning is lost? Maybe its meaning isn’t lost, but its truth has become diffused. Routine. I can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard or sung “Amazing Grace” in my 6 1/2 decades. “Songs Of The Church”…

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My Therapy

I have said many times that the garden is my therapy. It's my place of peace. Where the stresses of the world are set aside and, for the moment, replaced with the nurturing of God's creation. It feeds me physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually. My wife and I were married ten years before…

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