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This is the first blog of a four-part series where I am going to invite you to join me as I talk through my process of creating a painting.

There are times when this process is both exhilarating and exhausting. It can push me mentally, emotionally and physically. But the rewards are so fulfilling.

Over the next few weeks, I will relate several aspects of the creative process, like:

  • Concept – a thought worth painting
  • Application – a painting worth pursuing
  • Result – a pursuit worth achieving

I am learning to embrace the process of my painting. I tend to have my sights set on the finished image and I forget to observe and enjoy all the parts it takes to make the whole.

When walking this path from a blank panel and jars of paint to a completed work of art, I realize it is so much like this path I walk called “life”. It has all of the pain, the joy, the struggles, and the freedom that I experience daily as I live outside these studio walls.

Join me as I recount the making of a new painting, “In God We Trust”.

"In God We Trust" - The Making of a Painting
1. “In God We Trust” – The Making of a Painting – Part 1
2. The Making of a Painting – Part 2
3. The Making of a Painting – Part 3
4. The Making of a Painting – Part 4: The Result

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