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Before I begin a painting, there must be inspiration. And from that inspiration, a concept is revealed.

For me, the concept is the “soul” of my painting. Since paint has become my voice, the painting itself is “what I have to say”.

An artist’s inspiration could be beauty alone – maybe that of creation – and their motivation could be to replicate that beauty in their particular style using their chosen tools. We are all given unique ways of seeing and translating different subjects or ideas, and it is important for each of us to stay true to our inspiration.

Sometimes my inspiration is an object. Sometimes it is a thought. If it is an object, I determine what thought I could convey with that object. If it is a thought, I determine what objects I would use to express that thought.

Many months ago I was inspired by an object. The thought that I wanted to convey was evident – my love for this country – America:

  • I so love the eclectic nature of this country. Whether looking at her stunning landscape or beautiful people, you see quickly that America is diverse.
  • I have great respect for the foundations of this country.
  • I am so grateful for the freedom I so often take for granted.
  • There is nowhere I would rather call home.
  • I wanted strength and emotion to coexist in one painting.

The concept was clear. Now it was time to paint.

"In God We Trust" - The Making of a Painting
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2. The Making of a Painting – Part 2
3. The Making of a Painting – Part 3
4. The Making of a Painting – Part 4: The Result

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