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My favorite way to live life is “one-on-one” over a cup of coffee. It's honest. Real. Eye-to-eye. With fewer voices involved, conversation is more likely to dive beneath the surface, into the deep. I like meaningful conversation. I'm not a “chit chat” kind of guy. For there to be communication, someone likely needs to speak.…

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To “look”, I engage my eyes. To “see”, I ask my eyes to join hands with my heart, mind and soul. I have the gift of vision which gives me the ability to “look”. But, unfortunately, I don’t always “see”. Certainly pleasure can be obtained from looking. But seeing turns that pleasure into an experience,…

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Quiet. It can feel like an interminable pause. A creator of discomfort. A vacuum restless to be filled. Or it can be a balm. A place for restoration. A welcome companionship where words are not required. For me it is the necessary fuel to move through a world of continual noise. It’s the time that…

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I'm all about the "experience". And for me, it's not about going, or doing. It's about being right where I am. Making the most of the moment. Right here. Right now. It's about touching each of the senses in a unique way. Every day. I have created that experience in my studio where I paint.…

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My Dad was a quiet man. Not quiet in an uncomfortable way. He just didn't use words frivolously. He used an amount we could listen to. No more. If he were alive today I would try to savor each one because I would know now that each one mattered. I learned after he died that…

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Coffee Table Book

Books are one of my greatest passions. They can be food for the soul. The touch, the smell, the experience of turning one page at a time. It is with great pleasure that I introduce my contribution to this world of books that I love so dearly. It is a book to look at. It is…

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My Dad raised bird dogs while my brothers and I were growing up in East Tennessee. In the field, quiet, with his dogs - that was the closest thing to heaven. The photo I did this painting from was taken the last time he and I ran the dogs together. I’m still uncertain as to why I…

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To challenge myself is like putting a log on the fire. It ignites the imagination, even though at times it may be a slow process for the log to catch the spark, and with nurturing, become a flame. This is most evident in my daily pursuit of art. I never want to let myself rest in the comfort of what I…

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I Have Seen

I have seen joy where great adversity dwells. I have seen wealth where poverty rules. I have seen courage where there is war and uncertainty. I have seen beauty where all is desolate and dry. I have seen hope where all seemed hopeless. I have seen these things because I have been blessed to know…

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Knowing my love for birds, I’m often asked, “what’s your favorite?”. My answer probably goes something like “there’s no way to pick one, that’s like choosing a favorite child”. But honestly, I must say there is one that ranks high on my list. The bobwhite quail. “Really?” you might ask. Yes. Enough so that I use it as a part of my packaging. It represents so much of who I am. Here’s why…
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Be Still And Know

Be still and know. That's a mighty tall order when there are still so many things to accomplish in such a short period of time. Decorating. Shopping. Wrapping. Cooking. And working overtime to pay for all these things. Unfortunately, the American Christmas is not
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Hope • 43x43

Mother’s Day

My wife loves being a mother. I've never heard her once wish that she could be away from her children. She embraced it wholeheartedly from the moment our first daughter was placed in her arms to this present moment where that same daughter is navigating her way as a sixteen year old.
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